Benefits of group projects

Retirement Programs provide employees with a positive outlook about the future. Providing a formal retirement program is one of the last items that small to medium size employers look at providing. Typically the costs tend to have the appearance of being very expensive, when in fact the cost of providing a retirement program can be less than half the cost that the Government charges employers for ., CPP and Workers Compensation. Programs are set up in an easy, flexible and affordable way to assist employees to meet their long-term goals.

Talk about what brought you to Counseling Services in the first place. Tell the group members what is most concerning you. If you need understanding, let the group know. If you think you need pointed feedback about something you say or do that seems to have a negative impact, let them know that also. It’s important to tell people what you expect of them. Unexpressed feelings are a major reason people experience difficulties. Revealing feelings (self-disclosure) is an important part of group and affects how much you will gain from the group experience.

Benefits of group projects

benefits of group projects


benefits of group projectsbenefits of group projectsbenefits of group projectsbenefits of group projects