Good covering letters

Examples I find that people learn better by looking at an example. It is difficult to pick a profession where most people understand. Some of the ones I came up with were CFO , administrative assistant and a project manager . (You can see the samples by clicking on the link on each of the profession.) But all these are frankly, boring. So I thought maybe something a bit more fun for this dry subject. I am a fan of Harry Potter and this is a cover letter written by Severus Snape (before he became a Professor at Hogwarts) to Lord Voldemort applying to be a Death Eater. My explanations are highlighted in yellow . Dear Lord Voldemort;
( Writing to a specific person )

A proven track record in potion making, spell casting especially in hexes and curses and a talented duellist is the background I’ll bring to your Death Eater position.
( Strong opening sentence appealing to the requirements of the job ).

Allow me to highlight my strengths:

  • Significantly increased the strength (by five times) of the Draught of Living Death potion.
  • Created many new spells including the Sectumsempra spell (this spell violently wounds the target).
  • Mastered many hexes and curses.
  • Hogwarts Duelling champion 3 years in a row.
( Showing how he can meet the employers’ needs while being concise )

I would like to discuss in greater detail the contributions I would make in your army. I can be reached with the Enchanted Coin attached.
( This emphasize to the employer that he can add value. He also makes sure there is contact details. In the non magical world, we should put a phone number and/or email. )

Your time and consideration is most appreciated.

Severus Snape
. Your current Death Eaters Avery and Mulciber can vouch for my strengths.
( A . captures the attention of the employer. In this case, he points out contacts that the employer can refer to. )

The truth, in my opinion, is that these monuments are not racist nor are the people who support them. This should go without saying but in this time of gestapo-like tactics from those who would use these issues to raise funds and secure power for themselves, it needs to be said. These monuments were placed as a means to honor the hundreds of thousands of men, women and children who suffered and died through attacks by a brutal and aggressive enemy. Most of these people owned no slaves, and as there was no "third" option to align themselves with, ended up fighting in order to receive some kind of justice during a conflict where voter rights were stripped, freedom of the press was lost, freedom of religion was denied, men and boys were shot on their doorsteps under martial law, and women and children of all races were left to starve as their homes were torched.

Through my degree course, I have been able to develop my interest in biochemistry, whilst improving my laboratory skills along with my numeracy skills. I have gained some experience in HPLC and have good computing skills, having used several scientific databases. I achieved 68% in my first year examinations and am hoping to achieve a high 2:1 for my course work this year. While at University, I have also been able to utilise my skills in working with people through a variety of vacation jobs. My work at a busy insurance office was valuable in teaching me the importance of ascertaining customers’ needs and providing clear and accurate information.

Good covering letters

good covering letters


good covering lettersgood covering lettersgood covering lettersgood covering letters