International law essay contest

. We are aware that the Appellate Body has stated that “the provisions of paragraph 15(a) expire 15 years after the date of China’s accession (that is, 11 December 2016).” However, the Appellate Body report does not interpret the legal text of Section 15(d), as explained above – in particular, the reference to expiry of “the provisions of subparagraph (a)(ii)” in the second sentence – to support that statement. Nor does the report consider the different text referring to “the provisions of subparagraph (a)” in the first sentence nor the text referring to the “non-market economy provisions of subparagraph (a)” in the third sentence. In fairness, the interpretation of Section 15, and subparagraph (d) in particular, was not at issue in the appeal before the Appellate Body. Therefore, those statements do not reflect a considered interpretive effort on this point.

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International law essay contest

international law essay contest


international law essay contestinternational law essay contestinternational law essay contestinternational law essay contest