Leadership vs management research paper

Let’s say you, the boss, heard about a lack of tools or training in the above scenario and never did anything about it. This becomes the norm in the eyes of a follower. They conform to that norm and to the resulting lower productivity. Even if they know that better training and tools will result in higher productivity and a better product or service, it will be unlikely that they speak up, or stick their neck out. After all, they saw some top performers (the non-followers) get nowhere when they brought up the deficiencies. And those non-followers? Well they will try for a while to get the support they need — patch a solution together to get their job done as efficiently as possible — but will stop asking for fear of making waves. Rest assured they will almost immediately look for a better place to work.

Many organizations pride themselves on encouraging leadership skills in their staffs throughout their employment levels.  Chairing committees, leading teams, and initiating new products and services are ways in which a leader can be nurtured.  Participating in management development programs also provides an avenue of growth in an organization, especially when it involves planning, staffing, and financial elements.  Many of these functions are not fully delineated or emphasized in professional education programs, and must be learned through work experience and outside volunteer activities.  This is especially true in the field of library and information science, and poses an ongoing challenge to new and past graduates.

Leadership vs management research paper

leadership vs management research paper


leadership vs management research paperleadership vs management research paperleadership vs management research paperleadership vs management research paper