Meq and essay

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Magnesium chloride oil can be used up to two oz. per day transdermally (applied to the skin) but you need to start slowly and go up gradually to avoid detox reactions.
For sodium bicarbonate you need to check pH daily and adjust dosage according to that and make necessary life style and dietary changes. For cancer the dosages go much higher and you would need to read the Treatment Essentials or Sodium Bicarbonate book for a full understanding. The dosages are not set in stone for each person and can vary considerably.
You can also look at Dr. Sircus’ entire protocol which pertains to both treating cancer and general health. Links are given to videos and products that he recommends everyone use. http:///medicine/natural-allopathic-medicine-protocol-components
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Meq and essay

meq and essay


meq and essaymeq and essaymeq and essaymeq and essay