Thesis on e-banking pdf

To illustrate the nature of the functional points of view, a study on multi-service outlets in England, (Moseley et al, 2004) concludes from a number of governmental reports and publicly funded studies, that services such as schools and village halls still enjoy numerical stability, and that this is largely due to the persistence of combined functionalities. Hargreaves (2009), also documents that, following the UK Labour government’s “presumption against closure” in 1998, the number of small rural schools have only declined slightly. Other services like public and community transportation and childcare show modest growth tendency, while the number of village pubs, post offices, food shops and GP surgeries continues to fall. Decline is also observed for small town hospitals, banks and police stations. The studies by Moseley et al (2004), Osti (2010) and Møller and Agerholm (2012) show fairly uniformly that rural service provision is in a critical situation where the development proceeds towards depletion. However, the speed and nature of the development depends on the extent of remoteness of the rural areas under consideration as well as the national context.

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Thesis on e-banking pdf

thesis on e-banking pdf


thesis on e-banking pdfthesis on e-banking pdfthesis on e-banking pdfthesis on e-banking pdf