Thesis on mediation

INVENSITY independently works on developing practice-oriented innovations. In its innovation center - partly in cooperation with universities, institutions and associations - topics that aid technological advancement are worked on as part of innovation projects. INVENSITY systematizes the knowledge generated in projects using an internal knowledge management system. The newly-gained expertise can then, thanks to INVENSITY’s cross-sector organization, be made available to companies from various industries within the framework of client projects.

In 2003, in the Encyclopedia of Community: From the Village to the Virtual World , authors David Levinson and Karen Christensen note that cocooning has intensified with the growth of the internet because people can stay at home for weeks at a time without losing touch with friends, getting food to eat, working or watching recent movies. [32] The authors cite the growth of home entertainment as a significant factor in cocooning, with people treating large casts of fictional characters as a "surrogate community." While they saw no evidence of people entertaining at home more, in the wake of September 11, they said that people traveled less, stayed closer to home and spent more time with their families. [32]

Thesis on mediation

thesis on mediation


thesis on mediationthesis on mediationthesis on mediationthesis on mediation