Unity in diversity essay for students

Professor Esolen is a teaching fellow and writer in residence at Thomas More College of the Liberal Arts, in Merrimack, New Hampshire. Dr. Esolen is a regular contributor to Crisis Magazine and the author of many books, including The Politically Incorrect Guide to Western Civilization (Regnery Press, 2008); Ten Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your Child (ISI Books, 2010) and Reflections on the Christian Life (Sophia Institute Press, 2013). His most recent books are Reclaiming Catholic Social Teaching (Sophia Institute Press, 2014); Defending Marriage (Tan Books, 2014); Life Under Compulsion (ISI Books, 2015); and Out of the Ashes (Regnery, 2017).

The Democrats have gone even further than that degree of “diversity” for another reason entirely. One of the oldest ways of ensuring a docile population is, as the Romans knew, to “divide et impera”–divide and conquer. Back in the days of the old urban bosses, the Democrats became good at defininfg voters on the basis of ethnic identities. When that started getting old with the End of Substantial Immigration in 1924 at least for awhile), the Democrats looked for new ways to divide the populace into manipulabe groups. Feminism, the Stonewall Riots, Civil Rights, restored massive immigration in light of the 1965 Immigration Act, the identification of “hispanics” as somehow different from other white immigrant groups and other diversity efforts have now given the Democrat Party a new basis to divide the electorate and they have done so while elevating “diversity” into a good per se. Why? Well, it is a lot cheaper to pass a law banning discrimination against persons who have been taught to think of themselves as victims than it is to forego revenues and foster economic growth.

Unity in diversity essay for students

unity in diversity essay for students


unity in diversity essay for studentsunity in diversity essay for studentsunity in diversity essay for studentsunity in diversity essay for students