Yale economics senior essay

Born in San Francisco , California , [3] to Jewish-American parents, Levin graduated from Lowell High School in San Francisco in 1964. At Lowell, he was a member of the Lowell Forensic Society and debated in high school debate tournaments regionally. He graduated from Stanford University in 1968 with a . in history . He received a Bachelor of Letters in politics and philosophy from Merton College, Oxford . [4] He earned his . in economics from Yale in 1974. His academic specialties include industrial research and development, intellectual property, and productivity in manufacturing.

David Pistrui, ., serves as the Managing Director of Acumen Dynamics, LLC, a strategy-based education, training, and research firm that focus on practical knowledge and skills that help organizations align vision and strategy with execution and performance. Working as an independent scholar, thought leader and advisor to corporations, family foundations, academic institutions, government agencies and global think tanks. Dr. Pistrui’s activities include strategy development, business succession, assessment modeling, technology transfer, executive education and social science research. This includes programs and activities in the North and South America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

“The multitude of experiences represented by the participants were incredible. Every story was fascinating, revealing the lifestyles and cultures of young people around the word. However, when we shared our unique perspectives what struck me most was how interconnected we all were. I have never visited the Democratic Republic of Congo or studied Chinese, but our stories all contained a common goal: the desire to make positive change in our world. For some, that meant preserving the local flora and fauna of their backyards while others were intent on saving polar bears thousands of miles away. Even though our passions differed, everyone projected energy as a global citizen in terms of recognizing the interrelationships that each issue and challenge posed. In light of these shared core values, we were more alike than different from each other.” - Clarisa , USA

Yale economics senior essay

yale economics senior essay


yale economics senior essayyale economics senior essayyale economics senior essayyale economics senior essay